26 December 2003

Christmas was fabulous. And the craziness of December 23rd was my own. He is still as wonderful as he was. :) And there's no one else telling him so but me.

Now that all my being spoiled is wrapping up (not by Mr Perfect - he says I deserve to be spoiled all the time, smart guy), it's time to start seriously looking for a job. So I plan to send out at least one application/resume every day. Sunday I'll pick up the newspaper and send some out on some of those goodies, and then once I'm free during the day (January 5) I'll go register with temp agencies to be working right away so some money will be coming in.
I'm still not really worried, oddly enough. I was talking to a friend who is a self-declared worrier this morning and she also said that she feels my quitting this job was just the right thing to do, and something wonderful will fill it's space. As my buy-a-friend said, before you can welcome great things into your life, you often have to leave behind other things to make room. That's what I'm hoping for.

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