15 December 2003

Well now I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy.
I didn't know you were out there; I thought I was all alone. No one called, no one wrote and most importantly, no one commented.
BUT YOU DID!!!! It just wasn't working! Suddenly a bunch of comments have shown up, and I'm feeling the love :)

Feeling lots of love, actually. Any other single girls experience the whole 'feast or famine' thing with men all the time? Oh my goodness! No one around for ages, now all of a sudden Jersey boy still thinks he's in the running, but webcam guy (who has been offering to buy me a webcam since we went on a few dates like 3 years ago) is back and offering to take me on vacation, and I met an all-new potential contender on Saturday. Really, what are the odds? I've gone from just talking to myself to having to call a bunch (okay, 3...work with me!) of guys 'honey' so I don't have to worry about calling them the wrong name!

It may be happy holidays after all..oh, heck, of course it will!

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