23 December 2003

Kind of a bummer of an evening....
Mr. Perfect was nowhere to be found when I called (as he knew I would...) when I got done with work. Then when I had a few hours to think everything through, I realized everything may not be what I thought it was. Yeah, ramble and mumble much?
Okay, I've been 'the other woman' before. And some aspects of what's going on now stinks of that possibility. I just don't know. I feel bad not really trusting him, but I've got to believe it would be worse not to trust my own instincts.
So I'll wait it out for at least a few days. He did finally call last night and said he'll call tonight. And he did say the other day that he got a present for me. May as well get that, right?
And really, don't get me wrong, I would sincerely love for everything to actually be as I still perceived it yesterday morning. Really. I want happily ever after.

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