25 November 2003

Am I the only one completely dreading it getting more and more holiday-ee?

Everywhere you go it's already turning into coupley goodness. No one fights in public anymore. It's all smooch-smooch, 'what do you want, dear?' But that's not the worst of it.

I've already run into the pair-shoppers. The merchant rolls out another rack of great deals. Those in couples or pairs can leave one in line while the other lunges for the next great thing.

Single? It's choice time. You can stay in the line you've already been in for 20 minutes and hope to get out before Jay Leno starts his monologue, or go ahead and get one of the shiny widgets while they last. Then, balancing everything you needed in the first place and your shiny new widget, you can get back at the end of the line. How is that fair?

And tomorrow, family functions - feel the love.

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