08 October 2003

Wow! I made it through a (not uneventful!) week without web access!

Saturday the 27th on my way to meet my brother so we could head north, some bimbo rear-ended my car on the exit ramp..grrr :( I was almost on time for the first time in my life, but she put a quick end to that!

From there things proceeded gloriously (no, I'm not being sarcastic..). We headed first to Mackinac, where we had a little rain to deal with for the first day and a half (so we zipped over to the Soo Locks for a bit), but then it cleared up for us to tour the island - lots of walking there! The timeless island was again beautiful.

Next we headed to Houghton and the surrounding areas for a couple days. Met a friend we previously just knew online who made dinner for us - yum! In our travels around the area, we saw the beginning (or is it the end?) of US-41, 1990 miles from Miami, Florida, lots of great color in the changing of the trees/leaves...and a few snow flakes!

On the way back we got to see Marquette thawing out after 6 inches of snow the night before - ugh! Not looking forward to another Michigan winter (although I've never lived anywhere else...). Overall, in just 214 words, that was my vacation :).

Now I'm back with a vengeance! My car has plenty of damage from the vacation-launching accident, including frame damage. I found a collision shop with free loaners and got me a pick-up truck for a week or so - so far I'm enjoying it (except the smoke smell, ew). Since I've been back, I've been making it up in the morning by 5am to get stuff done (not really, but making progress, anyway) and to work within 5 minutes of 7am. Yes, if anyone who cares is reading, I am working at least 8 hours each day. As opposed to some ..er...most people around here! But that's a rant for another day?

Well, back to work for me! And my advice for the day is to stop if the car in front of you does! (but you already knew that, and the poopy head who hit me probably can't read anyway, or she would have already known this..)(oops - I got off track there..)

Have exactly the kind of day you want to have!

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