02 July 2003

I watched 40 Days and 40 Nights last night – cracked me up way more than I expected! It totally reminded me of someone that I can’t even tell about it. He wouldn’t be flattered. Total sensitive white boy. Every goofy, geeky, awkward scene could so have been him (before I knew him, but I can still see it!). I’ll probably tell him anyway, and he’ll get all flustery and blow it off, but he’s really a thinker, so he’ll have to go watch it with all the blinds drawn so no one knows…

And I like Maggie Gyllenhaal more every time I see her! The first time I remember seeing her was Secretary (I’m sure that was the first thing lots of people noticed her in), but then she popped up in Donnie Darko (yes, as the sister to her real-life brother Jake) and now 40! Off now to push more Maggie movies to the top of my Netflix que….

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