03 June 2003

Welcome to a surprisingly prompt This or That Tuesday!
June 3: Animals

1. Cats or dogs? Duh. Cats. So very cats.

2. Butterflies or birds? Umm...either. They're both pretty. I try to feed the birds, but my bird feeder has ceased functioning, so I quit buying bird seed. I do plan to rectify this soon, as the birds amuse the cats :)

3. Horses or cows? Cows taste better. Horses are faster. At least I think that's right.

4. Turtles or snakes? They're both favorites. Snakes would be most favorite, but they're both favorites. (R - it's Brian Regan! Get it?)

5. Frogs or grasshoppers? Frogs.

6. Lions or tigers? Both cats...one of each would be good, but my apartment would be really, really crowded. And my original cats probably wouldn't live.

7. Elephants or mice? Umm....neither. It's getting pretty crowded with the lions, tigers and frogs.

8. Porcupines or aardvarks? Whichever is smaller.

9. Unicorns or dragons? Dragons. I'm all for the fire-breathing thing. Unicorns are sort of pretty, but mostly useless. Except for their blood (if you like Harry Potter and want to live forever. No thanks.).

10. Thought-provoking question of the week: You live in a rather dumpy apartment. A friend offers you a chance to be a roommate at a new place s/he is moving into, but they don't allow pets. You have a pet. Do you find your pet a new home and take the new place, or do you keep your pet and stay put? I have two pets, and they're staying with me. End of story.

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