27 May 2003

It's This-or-That Tuesday!

May 27: Personal Habits, Quirks, Routines, etc.

1. Do you prefer silence or do you like background sound (music, TV, etc)? Definitely background sound. Usually music.

2. Bathe/shower in morning or evening? Shower. Mornings.

3. Sleeping in complete darkness, or with a nightlight on? No nightlight, but my room doesn't get completely dark either. Just finished a weekend in my parents' RV. That, my friends, is like sleeping in a spotlight. The shades block *no* light.

4. Lay out clothes the night before, or just grab what's closest in the morning? Usually just grab what's closest in the morning.

5. Hang up/fold clothes neatly, or just toss them wherever? Toss them wherever. This is clearly evident by the extra few inches of multi-colored 'carpet' in all of my bedroom :).

6. Work out at a gym, or at home on your own (or do you not bother with exercise)? Not bother with exercise. If I did, I couldn't afford to work out at the gym anyway, so I'd have to clean my living room. Like that'll ever happen on a regular basis.

7. Talk on the phone, or via IM/e-mail? Neither. I'm practicing to be a hermit. Sometimes I IM with my brother. Sometimes I talk to people I call on the phone. I usually have the ringer turned off on the phone.

8. Are you usually on time, or late? Late. And even after more than 30 years, I still stress about it (no, I'm not 30 years late for anything, I've just been continually late for all of my 30 years).

9. Spendthrift or frugal? I wouldn't choose to be frugal, but I don't have much money, so I suppose I am. Maybe.

10. Thought-Provoking Question of the Week: You work with someone who is not in the habit of bathing regularly. The smell seems to be getting worse and worse! Would you: 1. try to do something about it, or 2. try to grin and bear it? If you said 1, what would you do? hehehehe...the very reason I don't work in human resources. It's their problem. It wouldn't be an issue at my current job, since I spend all my time in my lil cubicle and if I smelled someone it would be me :).

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