30 May 2003

I'm too struck by the unfairness of the world - my world, specifically - to do the Friday Five today...probably tomorrow. Sunday at the latest.

I am a trained professional, honest. I (finally) got my BBA in June of 2001. My job, however, is pitiful and meaningless. No, that doesn't make me happy, captain obvious. Take today, for instance. I got back from running around and getting my lunch. As I was sitting down at my desk with my food, I heard the fax machine giving its little beep to say it's either a) out of paper or b) out of toner. Usually, I'm the only one astute enough to notice this, although there are at least 5 cubicles closer to said fax machine. Today, I decided I'd rather enjoy my lunch. Since it was already beeping when I got back, I hoped someone was already taking care of it....fast forward 20 minutes...The damn thing was still beeping. I finally got up and added paper to it. Yup, that was challenging. I'm surrounded by idiots.

I'd love to write more today, but I have to go check on our toilet paper stock. No one else can figure that out either.

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