21 May 2003

The Date.

I was so awestruck I couldn't write about it til now? Not exactly.

Nice guy, and he really got me thinking. After thinking, my conclusion is I was right in the first place and shouldn't date :D.

We talked a bit about dating in general. He said he's doing it because he doesn't want to be alone. I realized I was honestly answering when I said I'm used to it, and okay with it. The alternative to being alone, to me, doesn't seem with the hassles.

And then the part that really teed me off. We were talking about long term goals, etc...I don't really have any, and said so. His? To be a dad. Hello? I don't like children. Why on earth would my best friend think this is a good fix up for me or him? In her defense, she said they had told him this. Who knows.

Had a pleasant time Saturday, like hanging out with my brother. But I already have a brother -- don't need another, thanks. I figured he got the same sense as me -- completely unmatching long term ideas and no chemistry. Then he called and left a message on Sunday. (huh?)

I did call back and leave a message on Monday, but I have no burning desire to talk to him. It makes me feel like I'm being a bitch. Sorry, just the facts...

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