15 April 2003

Tonight I get to go close out my second candle show for this month :) That's right, folks, I'm up to $800 for the month. Better known as $200 in my pocket..Yup, I can spend that in no time flat.

First off, I'm going May first to get the red in my hair touched up, and adding some platinum blond highlights as well. I also would love to get another pedicure. Especially before it gets any warmer and I want to wear sandals. Although my feet look fine for now in my boots :D hehehe

So tonight, it's close Kristie's show, take a nap, get up in time to get some food together and paperwork to do on the couch while I watch (drum roll please...) 24! Yup - I know I linked to the forum instead of the 'official' show site. I find it much more entertaining...

BTW...someone actually took the last quizzy thingy I posted - THANK YOU!! - I didn't think anyone ever read anything here (and still can't figure out how to put comments....maybe someday.....)

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