04 March 2003

Wow. Busy month.

Booked my hotel room and flight for conference, got my taxes done (waiting for the money now...), hmmm....maybe not so busy. Anyway, the big lead in was for my hair! Last Saturday I had over 10" cut off (and sent to Locks of Love) and dyed with red-red highlights. Think red crayon, only brighter. I love it!! The cut and color are awesome! I've gotten lots of compliments. My favorite is the people who say 'you look better...not that you looked bad before..but...stutter..stutter.' I usually just smile and look pretty for a minute before I bust out laughing :D.

Well, this week, anyway, is shaping up to be a bit more interesting...I actually finally have another PartyLite show (my first in over a month) this Thursday, then I'm having a Tastefully Simple party Saturday to get free stuff, and then I have a friend's baby shower on Sunday. Enough to keep me out of trouble, I think.

But first....24 tonight!!! Yippee!! Don't call me between 9 and 10 ET, I won't be there (or so you'll think!!) hehehehehe.....My excitement cannot be contained....

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