20 January 2003

Hey :)

Found out last weekend that I was so tired last year for a reason - I was working my tushie off!! Turns out I did 77 candle shows last year for sales totaling more than $26,000! The number of shows is at least double any other individual in our unit. One more year and I should be able to pay down some debts and just work one job, like the rest of the world...Wish me luck!

Spending some time lately trying to find a cheap room for National Conference in St Louis in July. No luck so far. Online friends are talking about having gotten their rooms through Priceline for like $40/night. No soup for me. Knocked down every time. Is it worth the hassle? Maybe I'll just take the money I've saved up so far for conference and just use it to pay debts too...but I'll probably end up going.

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