04 April 2002

Day Four of AHADD: Okay, so rewind a bit. On Day Two I started a new story that seems to be working much better. Wrote on it the second and the third, and plan to do more tonight. It's about two elderly people so far. They each live alone on different sides of town. They'll probably meet (again?) eventually. Of course, for that to happen, I'll have a few more introductions and set up chapters left, to find someone to introduce them to each other. We'll just have to wait and see.

Anyway for tonight I still have to:

  • make hostess packets
  • refresh catalog folders
  • add new stickers to catalog folders
  • pack show for tomorrow
  • prepare gifts for show tomorrow,

    and of course,

  • write for one hour.

Starting after dinner and phone calls, of course...just the same, I really need to get to it!


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