29 March 2002

And it all spins around viciously again!

The Parties are going nuts! I have one this Friday, then Sunday, then TuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday...*gulp for air*

And writing an hour a day starting this Monday (before that beautifully messy schedule!)

On the writing thing, I'm leaning toward essays of a how-to-be-nice-to-a-single-person-like-me sort of thing. Bashing on all the assumptions made regarding spouse and children, or an overriding desire for such. It's not me, and I'm sick of people thinking it is, or telling me (in whatever way) that it should be. My challenge would be writing it while not sounding like a bitter old maid. It has to have enough humor and acceptance of those I'm butting against to be palatable.

What? What was that? A guideline of sorts? Maybe there is hope for me and writing to work together :)

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